Strategic Plan Workgroup

Join the Strategic Plan Workgroup if you enjoy working on long-term planning to help shape our work for the next three years! We'll make recommendations to the Leadership Council of the Arizona Oral Health Coalition. We meet by phone and occasionally in person, but mostly over email. If you enjoy working behind the scenes to guide the structure and success of the Arizona Oral Health Coalition, we are excited to have you!

Equity Assessment Workgroup

This workgroup will select and implement an equity assessment to determine who is not at the table and how to get them there. It will also help to determine ways in which our structure and policies lead to equity.

Advocacy Workgroup

The vision of the advocacy committee is that oral health stakeholders across the state look to the Coalition as an independent and credible voice on oral health policy. The functions of the advocacy committee are to ensure the Coalition stays well informed on state and federal policy issues impacting oral health and to carry out the Coalition’s agreed upon policy agenda. The committee studies various policy proposals and makes recommendations to the Coalition on a position. Additionally, the committee members work to advance the policy goals of the Coalition by meeting with lawmakers, crafting position statements and policy briefs, creating advocacy tools for Coalition members, and engaging in community mobilization efforts.