Advocacy from the comfort of your own device

Join the AZOHC for a week of virtual advocacy leading up to our in-person Capitol Day. Each day will feature new resources, activities, and action steps.


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Day 1: Fact Sheet “Oral Health in Arizona”

To kick things off, check out our new fact sheet “Oral Health in Arizona.” This overview pulls together information from multiple sources to paint a picture of the importance and impact of oral health. See the reference list.

Day 2: Infographic Storm

On Day 2, we promote awareness of oral health facts with these infographics.

Day 3: Find Your Lawmakers

Step 1: Find which district you’re in from the new district map, or you can check the bottom of your Voter Identification Card for your Legislative district number. Make sure it’s up-to-date, Arizona recently redistricted!

Step 2: Find your state representatives and senators using the Legislature Member Roster.

Step 3: Write down your lawmakers’ names and contact information.

Day 4: Video “Something is Off-key in Arizona…”

Arizona oral healthcare isn’t harmonious, and that just doesn’t sound right to us! Watch this great 2 minute video that explains why oral health care is so important and how lawmakers can support policies that allow all Arizonans to benefit from good oral health.

Day 5 of Capitol Week: How a bill becomes law in Arizona

Second read? COW? Third read? What actually happens at the Arizona Capitol? Thankfully, these kids are here to tell you!

Day 6 of Capitol Week: Contact your lawmaker

Contacting your lawmaker is one of the most impactful steps you can take to support oral health, no matter if you’re sending an email, making a call, or meeting in person.

Before you jump in, it’s a good idea to do a little bit of research first.
Find out about your legislator, including what bills related to oral health they’ve supported this session that you can thank them for.
Know what bills you are asking for your legislator to either support or oppose. The bills AZOHC will be focusing on for Capitol Day are HB2338- “Preventative Dental” and HB2473- “Dental Hygienists; scope of practice”.

Keep your message short and sweet. Try sharing the big picture, focusing on only one specific part of the issue, or sharing a personal story. Not sure what to say? Try following this format:

  • The introduction: Share a little about yourself, including that you are a constituent of the lawmaker’s district. Add in if you are with an organization (like the AZOHC!)
  • The message: What do you want legislators to know about why good oral health is important for Arizona?
  • The problem: What do you want legislators to know about access to oral health care in Arizona for adults, or for specific populations?
  • The solution: What policy solutions would help solve the problem? How would a preventative/comprehensive dental benefit support better oral health for all adults in Arizona? How does expanding the scope of practice for dental hygienists support better patient care?
  • The ask: We’d like to see lawmakers vote YES on HB2338 for preventative dental coverage as part of AHCCCS, and vote YES on HB2473 to support increased quality of patient care from dental hygienists.
  • The conclusion: Thank them for their time. You may include your contact information, and let them know you are available for any information they may need in the future.

Looking for more guidance or some sweet templates? The Frameworks Institute has your back! Check out their sample speeches, talking points, and framing devices.

If you’re still unsure what to say, that’s no problem. With a single click, send an email to your lawmakers using AZOHC’s standard messaging.