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To be the catalyst for oral health policy and systems change that benefits all Arizonans-especially underserved communities-by uniting oral health advocates, health professionals, policy-makers, community and state leadership, and grassroots organizers.


A world of opportunities for every person and community by virtue of good health; in that oral health is fundamental to overall health.


The Arizona Oral Health Coalition emerged from the coordinated effort of multiple organizations and stakeholders who were concerned about the state of oral health in Arizona and the lack of cohesive action to address disparities. In 2015, advocates and leaders held a policy workshop to discuss oral health, which led to the Arizona Oral Health Steering Committee. The Steering Committee participated in the development of the AZ State Oral Health Plan. Ultimately, the Steering Committee became the Arizona Oral Health Coalition in 2016, and assumed the mission of aligning stakeholders to reach the goals outlined in the Oral Health Plan in conjunction with the Office of Oral Health. After years of relationship building, advocating, and other successes, the Coalition accomplished one of its largest endeavors to date and hosted the Oral Health Summit alongside the Arizona Public Health Association in 2019. In 2020, the Coalition underwent multiple structural changes, including re-organizing committees, updating the strategic plan, and completing equity assessments. In 2021, the Coalition is excited for a year with revitalized energy and focus to form connections, build capacity, and advocate for policy and systems change in Arizona.