Tamara Baca

Integrative Health Lead

Tamara Baca is an Affiliated Practice Dental Hygienist who was instrumental in bringing the dental to pediatric integration program for Mountain Park Health Center (MPHC). During Covid she helped develop a teledental program to address the oral health needs of pediatric patients that showed poor
oral hygiene during their pediatric medical visits. After leaving MPHC, Tamara became the Senior AP hygienist for Dignity Health Community dental clinics, where she was able to bring silver diamine fluoride and Interim therapeutic restorations for the children within the health centers.
Tamara has her master’s degree in public health and was given the opportunity to be the senior manager for the dental clinic at Adelante. During her tenure at Adelante Health center, she standardized the entire 6 clinics to operate in compliance with Joint Commission, standardizing training, sterilization
and scheduling. She now works as a dental hygienist for NOAH, Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health. Was recently selected to be the Chair for the JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) and will be part of moving
NOAH into a community health center for the people of the community.
Finally, Tamara has been a life-long volunteer and was past treasure for Arizona dental hygiene association and chair of the Arizona Oral Health Coalition. Her goal in life is to bring dental to everyone, and being part of the AZOHC gives her the opportunity to move toward that goal. In her free time, Tami loves to camp with her partner of 28 years and their 3 dogs.