We are talking health here!

We are talking health here!

Good oral health helps our physical and mental health.

Over 99% of Arizonans say that oral health is important to them, yet many faces significant obstacles to care. Individuals without dental coverage experience a disproportionate share of oral disease.

Dental disease can harm the heart and lungs, complicate diabetes and affect our cognitive ability as we age. It can also take a toll on our mental health, as one factor leading to depression and low self-confidence. It can impact our ability to secure and keep employment and it can complicate pregnancy – endangering both mother and child.

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An AHCCCS adult dental benefit would allow all Arizonans to access vital dental services and would save the state money by preventing costly health complications caused or exacerbated by poor oral health. This is a problem we can solve.

Of low-income Arizonans cite cost as the biggest barrier to accessing dental care

Adults, over the age of 21, who have AHCCCS do not have a dental benefit for preventative dental services

AHCCCS oral health benefit amounts are capped for emergencies only, with very few exceptions

Dental disease is 100% preventable

Everyday Arizonans talk about what having dental coverage would mean to them.

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