Regional Coalitions

Regional Coalitions

Your Voice in Arizona for Raising Visibility of Oral Health Issues

Arizona is an incredibly large, diverse state.

In order to promote oral health while being receptive to the needs of specific areas and populations within the states, the regional oral health coalitions provide oral health education to patients and providers, oral health and community resources, and support advocacy efforts to improve the oral health system.

The six regional coalitions of Arizona are independent organizations with their own membership, structure, goals, and funding. Each regional coalition will send a representative to participate in the AZOHC Leadership Council. This agreement ensures that the AZOHC takes into account the varied strengths, interests, and needs of the state population.

In 2019, Native American Connections (NAC), an Urban Indian Organization (UIO), became the backbone agency for the Arizona American Indian Oral Health Initiative. NAC partners with the Arizona Advisory Council on Indian Health Care (AACIHC) and the Intertribal Council of Arizona (ITCA) to improve oral health outcomes for American Indians in Arizona. Activities include:

  • Advocating for passage and implementation of Dental Therapy
  • Improving oral health outcomes for American Indian Children through the Strong
    Teeth, Strong Kid Campaign
  • Promoting increase use of dental benefits under KidsCare

To learn more, please contact:
Jennifer Dangremond, Native American Connections, PH: (602) 254-3247,

Alida Montiel, Health Policy Director, Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc., PH: (602) 258-4822, Ext. 1575,

Kim Russell, Executive Director, Arizona Advisory Council on Indian Health Care, PH: (602) 542-5725,

The LPMOHC provides a 2-week Oral Health Program Happy Health Smiles to 2,700 children in Pre-School and Kindergarten through out La Paz and Mohave Counties.

The program includes educational materials, oral health supplies, referrals to the dentist, a hard back book for at home, and continuous brushing teeth in the classroom.

The Kids Bright and Healthy Program refers up to 120 students annually to the dentist or Community College Dental program for teeth cleaning, x-rays, exams, and sealants with a discounted rate on any restorative care.


MOLAR is an alliance working to increase the ability of public and private organizations to improve the oral and overall health of their constituents.


MOLAR believes that everyone in Maricopa County should have accessible, affordable oral health care.


  • Oral health is an essential part of total health
  • No one should suffer from preventable, treatable oral disease
  • MOLAR values partnerships as a means to impact health care system changes

The Navajo-Apache-Gila (NAG) Oral Health Coalition (OHC) creates opportunities to partner with oral health professionals, preventive services programs and community agencies; share resources; support innovative modes of service delivery to change oral health behaviors; and increase access to care, aligning with state and national research and best practice.

NAG OHC serves all residents of Navajo, Apache and Gila Counties including the contiguous Tribal communities within the Navajo Nation, White Mountain Apache and San Carlos Apache Tribes. In its 10th year, the Navajo-Apache-Gila Oral Health Coalition has built a strong regional representation/membership that continues to develop a system of accessible oral health and, to that end, supports the efforts of other regional and state coalitions and initiatives to effect policy change.

Please join us for a community event or a scheduled meeting, held Friday mornings, 8 times a year.

Navajo-Apache-Gila Oral Health Coalition is a Navajo County Public Health Services Community Program; Generously funded by the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation with a mission to improve the oral health of uninsured and underserved children and families in Arizona.

To improve the public’s oral and general wellness, with a focus on vulnerable populations, through community partnership

1 – Improve oral health literacy
2 – Remove barriers to oral healthcare
3 – Better oral and general health

2020 Focus
1 – Identify Infrastructure
2 – Remove Barriers to Care
3 – Integration: One-Stop-Shop

Denise Helm, RDH, Ed.D. |

Communities Free from Tooth Decay and Other Oral Diseases

To eliminate tooth decay and other oral disease through collaboration, education and changing policy

All sectors of our communities in seven of Arizona’s fifteen counties; Cochise, Greenlee, Graham, Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz and Yuma are welcome!

Increase awareness of:

  • The bacteria responsible for tooth decay is contagious and infectious.
  • Dietary choices greatly influence oral health.
  • Great oral hygiene starts at home with regular brushing and flossing.
  • Children on AHCCCS (Access) have dental coverage.
  • Emerging research related to how oral health affects overall health.

The SAzOHC advocates for:

  • Legislation that authorizes a new mid-level provider type dental therapists.
  • Legislation that expands comprehensive dental coverage to pregnant women enrolled in AHCCCS of any age in Arizona.
  • The passage of legislation that would extend the SNAP (food assistance) benefit to allow coverage for toothbrushes, fluoride toothpaste and dental floss.

To learn more, please contact: