Regional Coalitions

Arizona is an incredibly large, diverse state. In order to promote oral health while being receptive to the needs of specific areas and populations within the states, the regional oral health coalitions provide oral health education to patients and providers, oral health and community resources, and support advocacy efforts to improve the oral health system.

The six regional coalitions of Arizona are independent organizations with their own membership, structure, goals, and funding. Each regional coalition will send a representative to participate in the AZOHC Leadership Council. This agreement ensures that the AZOHC takes into account the varied strengths, interests, and needs of the state population.

The six regional Coalitions are:

  • Arizona American Indian Oral Health Initiative (AAIOHI)
  • La Paz-Mohave Oral Health Coalition
  • Maricopa County Oral Health Leaders Advocates Resources (MOLAR)
  • Navajo-Apache-Gila Oral Health Coalition (NAG)
  • Northern Arizona Oral Health Coalition
  • Southern Arizona Oral Health Coalition (SAzOHC)
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