The Arizona Oral Health Coalition is dedicated to advancing local, state, and federal policies that improve oral health for all. At the state level, we take pride in assuming a leadership role in advancing state policies that have the potential to improve oral health status, access to oral health care, and address oral health disparities in Arizona. Additionally, AZOHC supports regional OHCs’ advocacy efforts.

To this end, AZOHC strives to promote creative policy solutions to systems-level challenges, to advocate for policies and practices that will promote oral health equity, to work towards integration of oral health services within the broader health care system, and to incorporate the perspective of payers, providers, and patients in all we do. By critically examining data, rethinking payment structures and incentives, engaging providers, and mobilizing stakeholders toward action, we can create and sustain a culture of health in Arizona.

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Addressing Dentally Underserved Areas & Oral Health Equity

AZOHC hopes to see: Every person living in Arizona has access to affordable, high-quality, linguistically accessible, culturally-responsive oral health care. Payers treat teledentistry and telehealth with parity, and services covered in person are covered through telehealth modalities without undue restrictions. Payment systems reward quality and prevention.

Transparency & Sustainability of Dental Health Networks

AZOHC hopes to see: State agencies and other taxpayer-funded entities provide quality data on provider and network performance and service utilization. Oral health is supported in the Arizona state budget.

Public Awareness

AZOHC hopes to see: Arizonans know how to access affordable oral health care, and understand the importance of oral health within the larger context of health. Providers take a holistic, whole-person, culturally-informed approach to care.