Everyone enjoys the benefits of good oral health as an integral part of overall health.


Promote oral health in Arizona through leadership, policy development, and advocacy.


  • Respect and hear all voices and perspectives;
  • Utilize best practices in community mobilization to advance oral health for all;
  • Work at the systems level through partnerships and collaborations;
  • Do what we do best and connect to the rest;
  • Place oral health in the context of whole health;
  • Create a culture of accountability, both through advocacy and by holding ourselves accountable first and foremost;
  • Continually seek out and include communities impacted by oral health disparities in the design, evaluation, and leadership of our work;
  • Be committed to using a racial and health equity lens in all that we do;
  • Be intentional in creating authentic feedback loops with all stakeholders, particularly communities impacted by health inequities, to inform our strategies, communications, and priorities;
  • Be brave enough to disrupt systems when necessary for positive change;
  • Communicate regularly and transparently within the coalition and with stakeholders;
  • Use evidence, data, and the lived experience of those impacted by the oral health system as the foundation for decision-making; and,
  • Learn from our failures and celebrate our successes.