Your Voice in Arizona for Raising Visibility of Oral Health Issues

This statewide group is your voice in Arizona for raising the visibility of oral health issues, advocacy and equity. Join us in increasing awareness about oral health, educating the public and policy makers on critical issues, and creating equity for all residents. Membership has no cost.

With your membership, the Coalition will support AZ State Oral Health strategies; increase its legislative influence; enhance services to members and build oral health collaborations across the state. As a statewide membership organization, anyone interested in improving the oral health status of all Arizonans is welcome to join.

Within the AZOHC, members can volunteer their time to work on priority issues impacting access to oral health in Arizona. You will work alongside other dedicated oral health professionals and advocates to share information, find support, develop networks, and carry out projects to further oral health advocacy in Arizona.

Ready to join? Send us a message!