AZOHC offers four committees for members to join: Advocacy; Integrative Health; Public Awareness; Sustainability. For more information regarding committees, email
Focused on speaking on behalf of others, recommending change based on best practices and evidence-based information, backing policy and legislative bills to include the underserved and increase access to oral health care and taking action to support the cause.
Integrative Health
Collaborate with health professionals from different disciplines and sectors to and bring awareness of oral health needs and improved access to care to find creative solutions and innovative best practices for care.
Public Awareness
Engaged in promoting oral health through planning and attending oral health related events, participating in prevention programs, posting relevant social media topics and newsletters, providing education and resources to build public knowledge and increase membership of the AZOHC.
Focused on maintaining and improving functioning systems, the financial health of the organization, growing membership and understanding the goals of the oral health plan to pursue a common ideal.