2020 Legislative Candidate Questionnaire

2020 Legislative Candidate Questionnaire

Ahead of the 2020 general elections, we sent a survey to active candidates for office asking them to answer questions on oral health priorities and gave them an opportunity to make comments.

Questionnaires that were filled in and returned to AZOHC are listed in BOLD and hyperlinked. Please click on a candidate to review responses.

The AZOHC does not endorse candidates. Our role is to ask questions and provide you with answers as they have been submitted so you can choose who to support.

LD 1 LD 2 LD 3 LD 4 LD 5 LD 6
Senate Senate Senate Senate Senate Senate
Karen Fann Rosanna Gabaldon Sally Ann Gonzales Travis Angry Sonny Borrelli Wendy Rodgers
Mark Workman Lisa Otondo Felicia French
House House House House House House
Quang Nguyen Daniel Hernandez, Jr. Alma Hernandez Joel John Regina Cobb Coral Evans
Judy Stahl Deborah Mcewen Charlene Fernandez Walter Blackman
 LD 7  LD 8 LD 9 LD 10 LD 11 LD 12
Senate Senate Senate Senate Senate Senate
Jamescita Peshlakai Thomas “TJ” Shope Victoria Steele Kirsten Engel Venden Leach Warren Petersen
Barbara McGuire Justine Wadsack JoAnna Mendoza Lynsey Robinson
Linda Patterson
House House House House House House
Myron Tsosie David Cook Pamela Powers Hannley Domingo DeGrazia Mark Finchem Travis Grantham
James Parks Sharon Giard Brendan Lyons Michael Hicks Felipe Perez
LD 13 LD 14 LD 15 LD 16 LD 17 LD 18
 Senate Senate Senate Senate  Senate Senate
Sine Kerr David Gowan Nancy Barto Kelly Townsend JD Mesnard Sean Bowie
Bob Karp Ajlan Kurdoglu Suzanne Sharer
House House House House House House
Timothy Dunn Gail Griffin Steve Kaiser Jacqueline Parker Jeff Weninger Jennifer Jermaine
Mariana Sandoval Kimberly Beach-Moschetti Kristin Dybvig-Pawelko Jennifer Pawlik Bob Robson
 LD 19 LD 20  LD 21 LD 22  LD 23  LD 24
 Senate  Senate Senate Senate Senate Senate
Lupe Chavira Contreras Paul Boyer Rick Gray David Livingston Michelle Ugenti-Rita Lela Alston
Douglas Ervin Brian Whitman Sarah Tyree Seth Blattman
House  House House  House House   House
Diego Espinoza Anthony Kern Kevin Payne Ben Toma John Kavanaugh Jennifer Longdon
Judy Schwiebert Kathy Knecht Wendy Garcia Eric Kurland
 LD 25  LD 26 LD 27 LD 28 LD 29  LD 30
 Senate  Senate  Senate  Senate  Senate  Senate
Tyler Pace Juan Mendez Rebecca Rios Kate Brophy McGee Martin Quezada Tony Navarette
Paul Weigel  Jae Chin Garland Shreves Christine Marsh
House House House House House House
Russell Bowers Athena Salman Reginald Bolding Kenneth Bowers  Cesar Chavez Raquel Teran
Suzanne Hug Bill Loughrige Tatiana Pena Kelli Butler Billy Bragg